February 18, 2017

Inside this Mommy's head

Life with the little's in my house is crazy, boring, tiring, silly, fun, adorable, exhausting, and happy.  Today I just wanted to put some thoughts down about what I will miss about having tiny people in my house.  There are so many times when I have thoughts of grandeur about how my walls won't be so messy from little hand-prints, I won't be getting thrown up on anymore, etc. in the future when my kids grow up just a little bit more.  It seems that sometimes I get caught up in how much better or easier things will be when my kids are older that I don't take the time to think about all that I will miss when my childbearing days are done.  So at least for today I want to be grateful for healthy and happy children and acknowledge all that I will miss.

I will miss....
the smell of a newborn
soft as silk newborn hair
soft baby skin
cute little tiny fingers and toes
pinching little cheeks
seeing their joy and sometimes fear during all their firsts
little squeals of laughter (seriously can someone just record baby laughter and sell it to me?)
my kids always wanting to be with and play with me
rocking children to sleep
the pure love of a baby (they are always happy to see me and don't care whatsoever I look like, how much I weigh, they don't judge me, they just love)
baby snuggles
the way they pronounce and mispronounce certain words
tiny shoes
unsteady walking and falling down
seeing them eat for the first time
seeing them crawl and walk for the first time
their first day of school
the fact that all it takes to make them happy is a hug and a treat
being the tooth fairy
being Santa
being able to control most of their choices
having them ask me the "why" of things
having them believe almost everything I tell them
"knowing everything"
making cookies and cakes with them
reading with them
seeing them learn to write their name
exploring outside with them
having them never question if God exists
little toothless smiles as well as just some baby teeth smiles
dressing them in tiny clothes that are so cute
dressing them how I want them to be dressed
their laughter at things that really aren't that funny
listening to the jokes they make up that make no sense
coloring with them
doing crafts with them
finding random things in random places...cell phone in a freezer...sim card in the back of a clock
having all of their time and attention
teaching them new things
playing peek-a-boo
feeling them kick inside me
seeing them play in the snow
being there for everything
watching them play make believe
seeing my kids interact with each other
seeing my husband playing with the kids
the fact that I can make them happy by giving them a pacifier
messy faces
watching them dig in the dirt for hours
swimming with them
baby babbles
milk drunk faces
seeing them sleep so peacefully
simplicity of life
tiny baby tip-toes
hearing them pray

There are some things that I don't think I could ever really miss but these I know I will. 

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