May 9, 2013

Oh baby!

 Mom after a long night of work (my water broke at 2:30am and he was born at 1:55pm)

 After his first bath. He weighed in at 9lb 8oz and was 21 inches long.
 Meeting Grandma Jules
 Braxton meeting his new brother Carston James
 Do I look a little tired...I was :) 
 This about says it all right here; I still feel this way
 Mom and Carston
 Mom and Dad
We had to get Braxton a gift from baby brother to keep him occupied
Braxton LOVES his diggers!
Sleeping in the doesn't happen that often but it does happen.
Flowers from Daddy
Self explanitory
Braxton loves giving Carston toys
Braxton checking out Carston

We are still adjusting to life with two boys and have survived so far. We are super super tired (did I mention super tired?) but hanging in there.  Braxton is feeling the brunt of being a big brother; throwing tantrums and crying when baby cries. The first morning after we came home Braxton came out to the baby swing and I hear him say..."Uh brother gone!"  I thought it was pretty cute.  Grandma also told him that the baby was crying because he was hungry so Braxton went to the fridge and got him a string cheese.  Gotta love these little moments! Don't have time to write about the birth story if you wanted to hear it but you can call me and I might be able to answer :)  Thanks to everyone who has helped with meals and babysitting!