April 27, 2013

Happy Graduation Hillary!

 You can tell Braxton was incredibly excited :)
 Notice how many face shots I have.....I wonder why

 The Wolverine and I

 Walking in
 Receiving my (still empty until July) diploma case
 Pretty much my favorite teacher ever. I really couldn't have graduated without him! He also stayed up until 1:00am making our little candy necklaces.
 My truest supporter!  Thank you Patrick; I could NOT have done this without you!!!!
 My amazing extended support group :)
Flowers and a singing card from Mom and Dad along with dinner at Olive Garden.  Perfect end to a perfect day :)

April 10, 2013

The hugeness that is me

 37 weeks and on the countdown
Playing and waiting...

April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

 Mommy didn't double check the time of the egg hunt....so we got to the festivities over an hour early.  Luckily they had bunny ears for the kids to make :) Braxton was obsessed with the color orange...however he has now changed to green.  Braxton didn't fair as well on the bouncy toys.  He wanted to go but was scared to go by himself.  He and Daddy walked around the track and rolled down some little hills while we waited.
 The goods (only allowed to get 5 eggs)
 Coloring our Easter eggs
 Told him to smile and this is what he did
 Still dying eggs
 We went to the Heber Valley Railroad with Grandma and Papa for a petting zoo and train ride
 Not featured above were some baby goats; these were Braxton's favorites.  I told him to say goodbye to the animals and all he said was "bye bye goats."
 Daddy and Braxton
 35 weeks pregnant and counting....
 Papa Jay and Braxton on the train
 Our family
 Easter morning finding his basket
 Looking at a puzzle book about Jesus
 Our dyed eggs
Up at Grandma's and Papa's house for Easter dinner.  Uncle Brett stopped by as well :) Thanks Grandma for the YUMMY food :)