February 19, 2013

Last Minute Trip

At Zions
 Braxton in the rocks at Zions; such a perfect little spot for a photo shoot
 Our family 2013
 Braxton & Daddy
 At the orange sand dunes.....can you tell I'm 7 and 1/2 months pregnant?  We couldn't have gone on this trip any later than we did.
 Braxton exploring the rocks and the sand; he got a lot of sand in his diaper.  We found a lot of sand in our car from all of us.
 Visiting the St. George Temple grounds
 Zions National Park
Random stop on the way home at Cove Fort.  This fort is run by the church we belong to (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). It was fun to learn about some church history.

The story of the trip is as follows:  Patrick came home from class on Friday night; apparently others in the class had been talking about their plans to visit Southern Utah over the long weekend. So when Patrick came home he immediately went online and found a hotel in Kanab, UT. He told me that we weren't spontaneous enough and that he needed a break. So after a short discussion we decided to go.  We packed up within about an hour and hit the road.  On this trip we saw the St. George Temple, Zions National Park, took a scenic drive, hit the red sand dunes, and stopped at Cove Fort.  We got to eat out a lot (yay for NO dishes!), swim in the hotel pool (Braxton's favorite), and have a wonderful time together as a family!  Thanks to Patrick for providing for our family and having the idea for this fabulous trip!  Maybe next time I should talk to the people in his class and get them to say they are going to Hawaii?   This was really the last chance we had to go on a little trip before baby #2 comes and I am grateful that we were able to go and spend time together!

February 11, 2013

28 weeks and counting

Play day in the snow

 Braxton and I had a fun play day in the snow about a week ago.  It had finally snowed enough where it wasn't just gross ice and we weren't sick so we decided to play. Braxton loves being outside and he especially loves the snow.  He also says that the snow made a "big mess." I guess it kind of does; especially where cars are concerned.
 Love this cute little face!
This play date was followed up by hot chocolate with marshmellows.  Braxton pretty much just ate the mallows.

Hillary's Birthday

Orange flowers (orange is Braxton's favorite color and he picked them out) from my boys :) 

 So ironically all of my pictures from my birthday last year were of Braxton and I.  This year they are only of Patrick and Braxton...go figure. 
 We went to lunch at the Nauvoo Cafe in SLC in the Joseph Smith Building. We also went out to dinner with my parents and got to go see Les Miserables in an actual movie theater! Thanks Mom and Dad for watching Braxton!
Riding home on the frontrunner (SO glad it comes all the way to Provo now!).  I had a wonderful birthday and got an awesome diaper bag and lots of hugs and kisses!