December 14, 2014


Having fun at Jakers Farm

 Lions, and tigers, and bears, "oh my"
 Ward trunk-or-treat
 Nothing says joy like playing in a pile of leaves

Playing in the leaves

Visit to the Steenblik Cabin

 Carston's absolute favorite was the swing; he would scream and throw a fit if taken out
 Playing "Go Fish" with Grandma
 Braxton's favorite is always digging; he stayed in that position pretty much all day

 Braxton pushed Carston without being asked when I had to run inside for a minute.
 Carston loves reading books
 Classic Carston pulling out all of the tissues in the tissue box

We love this place and all of the memories that we create there.  So grateful that we were able to go and enjoy time with Daddy and Grandma and Grandpa.

Fall Adventures

 Walking up at Bridal Veil Falls

 Braxton taking a tumbling tots class; he loved it!
 Digging in Grandma's backyard
 No we didn't get a dog but we did dog sit for a few days; Carston was in LOVE with this sweet guy

 Went to a friend's fun birthday party
 Preschool fun
 Indoor Camping; roasting marshmellows stovetop

 Our "fire" and "tent"
 Visiting the wind tunnel at the children's museum
 Water table at the museum; Carston got SOAKED.  Good thing we did this first right?

 Start of  year 2 of preschool this year for Braxton
They don't look this happy in the picture but these boys played with their little diggers in salt for at least an hour and were insanely happy. 

December 8, 2014

Jensen Family Reunion August 2014

 Carston's favorite thing was swinging in this car swing
 We spent time in the pool at least once every day; can't say the same for the hot tub

 Aunt Eve did all the girls nails super special :) We all loved it!

 The boys all got swords, pirate hats, and eye patches and had so much fun looking for "booty"
 Family pictures in our matching reunion shirts; thanks Grandma!
 Sitting around before roasting marshmellows
 Braxton's birthday fell on the Sunday that we were here; he wanted a digger cake and so he got one
 He loved his cake
 Avery only ate the frosting but loved it :)  Uncle Jeff was a favorite to play with for Braxton
 Braxton's birthday present when we got home :)  He plays with it every day
All the girls went out to see The Wizard of Oz; it was fabulous.  These two stayed awake the whole time!
Behind Braxton is the entrance to an under the trampoline sandbox (with red sand).  Braxton would choose to play this rather than go swimming.  He played so hard every single day for hours on end with his diggers.

We had such an amazing family reunion with my family!  We stayed up late talking, went swimming, went to a play, played games, Robyn taught a yoga class, celebrated Braxton's birthday, went to see the St. George temple and visitor's center, played games, watched movies, etc.  So grateful that we all got to see each other and just hang out.  It was a miracle that everyone was able to come and NONE of us were pregnant or nursing! Thanks so much to all who made this happen!  :)