July 9, 2012

Family :)

Happy 4th of July!

 A very RARE occasion!  All 7 grandchildren (minus 2 not born yet) together at the Steenblik cabin!  These kids had an absolute blast together!  So glad we got to see everyone (except Jeff; we missed you!)!  I do not get to see all these cuties often enough! 
 Alicia, Brooklyn, and baby
 Travis enjoying the total cabin experience
Grandma and her birdseed helpers
 Trav and Colette
 Look at this dirty little face; can you tell he played hard?
 Clark hoping for a drive....he never got one
 Rub a dub dub three cute boys in the tub!
 On the porch swing with their popsicles

Uncle Dalton comes for a race (and a visit)

Above is Dalton after he ran the race and took a shower.  He fell asleep and Braxton took the opportunity to pile things on him; thus seen by the dog and chips on him.  Uncle Dalton came to run the Spartan race here in UT.  It was probably rough due to smoke and especially because he wound up with food poisoning the night before! We had a fun time getting to know him better and Braxton especially loved having someone else at the house to wake up to!