January 12, 2011


We had a wonderful Christmas and New Years (both spent at my parents house). We had way too much food, spent a few nights, celebrated Patrick's birthday without Braxton by going on a date to Tucano's and to see Tron, and spent time with family and friends. We were so happy to get to spend time with Jeff & Alicia and to be able to meet Brooklyn. Braxton and Brooklyn had fun trying to suck on each others hands, arms, or whatever the other one chose to put in front of his or her mouth. I am sure Braxton enjoyed having another baby around as well as new faces. Unfortunately we always forget to take pictures...so Jeff has a few I will have to get from him. I am trying to work on this weakness.

We have now started back to school, internships, and collectively working 3 jobs. Needless to say life is busy; on top of that we are all recovering from colds. We just bought our first car (YAY!) and will be picking it up in Texas this weekend.

We are grateful for a new year and all of the blessings we have had in 2010. Wishing all of you the best in 2011!
Braxton has gotten his smile down and smiles randomly now.
Yes his eyes are red by he kind of has a look that says...."what did I do?"
No holiday break would be complete without studying with daddy....

He still has blue eyes...my contribution :)
I couldn't resist the mohawk; it was just so cute!
I love his cute smile; except maybe when he gives me a mischevious smile at 3 am.

3 years since our engagement....

I just had to throw in a few pictures celebrating 3 years since our engagement. This one is of the flowers that were waiting for me by my air mattress at Travis and Colette's house. Colette was cool enough to sprinkle some of the petals on the mattress to make it all cute and romantic for me :)
This is at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City before our evening had really begun.