May 24, 2012

Happy 4 year anniversary!

Isn't he so cute? Now I do this to Braxton all the time.  I still do it to him once in a while too. 

 Getting custard at Farr's Fresh (before dinner!)
 We were lucky enough to get to stay at Hines Mansion B&B where I work.  We got a great deal!  I (tried) to surprise Patrick by having some balloons and his gift waiting in our room.
Just after a yummy breakfast right before we left.

We had a fun anniversary that would not have been made possible if not for the love of Grandma (who babysat). We actually went out to dinner and a movie!  This is something that we do about every six months so it was great!  And thanks to my co-workers for decorating our room (even more than I did) and for the delicious cupcakes! 

Mother's Day- who knew?

 My Mother's Day gift this year was one that I will never forget and one that I hope gets passed down in our family.  Patrick lied...yes lied to me and told me that he was going into work one day when I went up to Bountiful to hang with my peeps.  He spent all day working on this for me and a few other hours the weekend leading up to Mother's Day.  I got kicked out of the house a few times. He said he had to go to Hobby Lobby three days in a row.  When Patrick puts his mind to things he can be super organized and very highly creative.  I asked him if he had seen this somewhere else before and he said no.  He is seriously more  creative than I am!  I just love copying others ideas most of the time.  I won't go into the details of this piece too much except to say that this painting did not come from one picture, but from about three or four pictures put together!  This was the sweetest gift I could have asked for and it was perfect.  How grateful I am for a husband who has this view of motherhood (including me!) and expresses it to me! I am forever grateful for the man I married and who is a great father! 
 Close up of Braxton. 

Summer Lovin'

 Daddy bought Braxton a new hat for the summer because he is so fair skinned. Of course it had to have Daddy's BYU logo ;)
 We live on the third floor....what else am I supposed to do with this wild child for some fun?  We put up his little pool on our little balcony and he seemed to have a lot of fun.
 Papa Jay's birthday was in April and we loved celebrating with him.  This is Braxton lovin' some cake and ice cream out on the new deck.
 Playtime at our house on this week included babysitting and  watching (part of) a movie.  I am surprised that Braxton actually watched for a little bit.  It must be because he was with his cute cousins.
 We visited a special exhibit in the Church History Museum in Salt Lake.  The kids LOVED the children's exhibit!  Above is planting a garden. They had fake chickens that made noises and laid eggs, lunch in the kitchen with the missionaries, hand puppets, Latin dancing, Nephi's ship building, fishing, etc.  It was awesome!
 At the new City Creek Mall in downtown SLC.  Above we are watching the water fountain show.  We also had a great dinner at The Cheesecake Factory (thanks again mom!), and a little shopping.  Fun day with the girls (and kids).  The kids even got some free bouncy balls out of it. 
Funny faced little Braxter in Grandma and Grandpa's new teeter-totter airplane.  They love it! 

We have been so enjoying our summer this far even with classes and crazy schedules!  So glad for some sun and look forward to the pools opening next week!  Bring it on!