October 18, 2012

Look...we did it again!

Braxton is going to be a big brother as of April 30,2013.  I am twelve weeks and counting!  We are SO very excited to welcome another little one into our home!  The best part is that I will be done with school and be able to "just be a mom."  We are almost through morning sickness (although having the stomach flu this week on top of pregnancy has been....SO fun) and looking forward to feeling better as well as some kicks in the next trimester!  We will find out gender about the second week of December!  :)

Steenblik Cabin time

 Braxton playing with the first snow of the season
 We went on a walk and gathered leaves for a fall turkey project. It was beautiful and Braxton LOVED helping to pick the leaves!
Though Braxton had the stomach flu the first day and half we loved having him be so snuggly!  Here he is sitting with Papa Jay.

We had a great time up at the cabin (despite throw up) and enjoyed wonderful weather, snow, having a fireplace, good food, and of course sharing great company!  Thank goodness for a fall break from school so that I was able to go!  And with that I am happy to say that it is midterm of my (pretty much) LAST semester EVER!  :)

Braxton's First Pony/Llama Ride

 Braxton on the Llama (with help standing by)
 Horse tire swing
 The actual pony ride
Braxton eventually warmed up to this cute little pony

We had a fun time with our friends at Gardner Village this past week.  We had fun at the petting zoo, looking around, and eating fabulous food! 

A day at the park

A day at the park with Dad....life doesn't get much better than this!