August 7, 2012


 We had a great time visiting family in Virginia!  There is so much to say that I think I will let the pictures tell most of what we did. Above is Braxton and his great grandparents house exploring the "beach."
 Patrick testing the waters

 No electronic devices for going out on the water...Braxton still found this really fun...however my legs did not.
 Splash pad
 The storm that rolled through.  It really looked amazing!  Patrick dragged me out (somewhat grudgingly) out of the house to see it and it was probably the coolest storm I've ever seen :) 
 Riding on the train with Grandma Jane

 At a children's museum with cousins Alicia and Eva

 Grandma Jules favorite....had to put it on here.

 Even though we took Braxton on a train ride which we thought Braxton would love he actually fell in love with this little puppy.  This is at a mall later that had one so he got to go again.  He LOVES them! I mostly enjoy looking at his little face while on it :) Priceless!

 Birthday party celebration (for Braxton's upcoming birthday) at Chuck-E-Cheese

 Sterling not letting me get a photo of him....
 David won the jackpot TWICE in a row! 
 Opening some of the birthday love
 At the park on a hot day

 National Zoo

Car ride home from the zoo.

Of course this trip wouldn't have been complete without a dog bite from one of the dogs.  It wasn't too bad and I was actually surprised that Braxton did so well with the dogs.  Even after he got a little nip he still LOVES them!  We had a great visit and had lots of fun!  Much thanks to the Dillon family for hosting us and for helping us with countless meals and laundry!  We miss you! 

Happy 24th of July!

 In Utah the 24th of July is a state holiday celebrating our pioneer heritage.  This just happened to be the last day that Robyn and family were in town.It was also our last day in town before leaving for Virginia.  Here we are watching some fireworks :)

Life at our house

 It was too quiet in our house one day....this is what we found
 Yes, salt all over our floors
 Sometimes I think Braxton just makes messes to clean them up; he loves the vacuum
Laying on the floor with Dad.  Little copycat.