June 23, 2013

Blessing Day

 Grandma Jane, Braxton, and Carston
 Grandma Jules and Carston
 Papa Jay and Carston
 Mommy, Braxton, and Carston
Papa Byron, Grandma Jane, Mommy, Braxton, and Carston

Carston was a good little boy during his blessing (no crying!). It was a beautiful day for our family to watch this little one be blessed by Daddy as well as have other people stand in the circle with Daddy. I am so grateful for the blessings of the priesthood in my life.  We missed all of our other extended family and friends who couldn't be here and we are grateful for all the love sent our way!

June 11, 2013

A day in the life...

 After eating

 I love his silly expressions
 Braxton LOVES his digger truck

 Playing by Grandma's house
 Carston finally enjoys bathtime
 Making silly faces at Mommy
 Made some blue jello playdough
 Digging at Grandma's house with cousins
 Visiting the Provo temple
Carston is still trying to get used to his binki

This past month has been a blur to us.  Patrick went to China for 2 weeks while Mommy tried to get used to having 2 children.  We are still adjusting but doing much better now that Patrick is home and Mommy doesn't have vertigo.  Thanks for the help Becky for coming and helping us out when Grandma was not available!  We couldn't have gotten through the last month without good neighbors, friends, and family; thanks to all!!!