March 25, 2012

Odd happenings

This winter we have had bad luck with getting sick over and over AND over again. We had another fun visit to urgent care this past week. While cleaning up Braxton's toys I hit my hand on the bottom of our ottoman. It turns out that I now have a broken tendon on the top of my right hand. It may scar forever as a lump. They also diagnosed me, while I was there, with "benign positional vertigo." This should hopefully not last forever as it is just a result of a nasty virus I got in December. I may or may not also have chronic ringing in my ears as a result of the same virus. Braxton has also had the flu this past week. Here's hoping for a better week and gratitude that things are not worse. Here's some pictures of the lump in my hand.

Our little cookie monster...

We just love our little cookie monster! He is more of a chocolate monster than cookies; I just loved these pictures. He's getting so big!

March 17, 2012

Summer weather....

Wearing a short sleeve shirt....finally!

Wish it would stay....maybe in another month or so.

St. Patrick's Day fun

Having a husband whose name is Patrick always makes me feel that I need to do something a little special. This year we bought some balloons, Lucky Charms, and a Reeses. On the actual Day Braxton wore a cute shirt from Grandma Jane. We also got to spend time up at Grandma Julie and Papa Jay's house. We got to go to Tracy Aviary with them. Braxton had so much fun giggling at the duck's that were showing off for him. It was a very fun day; the best part was his cute little smile and giggles!

Play date with friends

One of my friends asked if we could babysit their little boy who's just a few months younger. They had a bunch of fun playing together. Thanks for letting us watch this little guy!

Close up's

I gave Braxton my phone to play with and he soon found the camera feature on it. He had lots of fun taking pictures of himself and seeing himself in the camera. So cute!