February 26, 2012


At the aquarium

Don't know how much Braxton liked the fish. He threw up in the car on the way home; he was obviously not feeling so great when we were there most likely. Hopefully he still had a little fun :)

Didn't get any of him last year on the swing...it is for sure his favorite! He cries if I try to get him to go down the slide.


Another day at the park

Since the weather is so fickle here this time of year we have been taking advantage of "warm days" of about 55 degrees. It has been really nice to get out of the house and have some outdoor time. We have gone to the park, mini-golfing, and to the aquarium. Braxton loves going to the park and would love to go everyday; right now that's just not an option and so he is always sad to leave the park when we do go. His attitude probably won't change even when we do get to go almost everyday. We are excited for some warmer weather so we can go swimming and do more outdoor activities!

Happy Valentines Day!

An the actual day we didn't do too much because I have a once a week night class on Tuesday night. I got to give a business presentation that night...woo hoo...not really. We exchanged gifts the day before. I made Patrick some super yummy cream cheese sugar cookies (and gave some to our babysitting helpers this semester as a small thank you). He got me a little box of Dove chocolate's, a single rose, and the Adele CD (super bonus points for remembering I said something... I wasn't even hinting!). Later in the week we enjoyed going to The Cheesecake Factory and up to The Leonardo (a new museum in SL). We had a wonderful celebration!