January 28, 2012

Play time with Mommy

Braxton is growing up fast and is so cute! It's times like these when I'm reminded how fun it can be to be a mom. I think one of my most favorite sounds in the world is Braxton's laugh. I love it!

Happy 23rd to me...

Flowers from Patrick

Smell test

The face Braxton gave me all day....so fun!

Not a birthday that topped the list but still a good one. Patrick was called into work unexpectedly so I saw him for about 15 minutes in the morning. The night before we learned that Braxton had a good ear infection. The best part was that I woke up to a nice little card and some flowers. I also got an awesome i-phone :) I also gave in and bought myself Cafe Rio and some ice cream from Cold Stone....yum! Thanks to all who called, send cards (and gifts), and thought of me; I appreciate it so much!

January 22, 2012

Suprise Trip to Californica to babysit the kiddos

Yummy breakfast at Rodgers :) Thanks Travis!

Braxton had a lot of learning lessons on the stairs...3 to be exact

Jacks and Brax playing by the keyboard (one of Braxton's personal favorites)

Playin' with new toys

Braxton and I got to go to California (for free!) to babysit my cute little nieces and nephews. It was a good learning experience for both of us. We had a bunch of fun! Thanks Jensen Family!

Leftovers from Christmas

Braxton on his new little phone...he loves it!

Dad and his girls on Christmas Day


Can you tell what time we woke up?

January 2, 2012

Landen (and Travis) came for a visit...

Me, Landen, and Braxter

Grandma, Landen, and Braxton

Braxton and Landen didn't have a long visit but they had a lot of fun chasing each other around Grandma's house. Wish we lived closer!