January 4, 2013

20 week mark

 This is me apx. 20 weeks.  I hate taking pictures while pregnant, but regret not taking more when I was pregnant with Braxton....so here you go!
My sweet husband suprised me and brought home roses and took me out to dinner to celebrate the half way mark!  Thank you Patrick!

Thanksgiving and Christmas 2012

 Our attempted Thanksgiving turkeys; Braxton loved collecting the leaves!
 Braxton playing "flying" with mommy
 We were lucky enough to have my parents babysit Braxton over Thanksgiving break.  We had a wonderful date night out which included the restored candy windows at the old ZCMI mall.
 Our Christmas craft
 Braxton had a lot of fun ripping open presents; totally more into it this year than last
 Opening a lego set from Santa
 Gift from Grandma Jane...I seriously don't know if Braxton or Patrick had more fun putting this together

 Some of the aftermath
 Christmas continued at Grandma Jules
 Braxton LOVES Mickey Mouse!
 Braxton also LOVES dogs; glad Oden could join us. 
Braxton and Brooklyn having fun watching a movie. So glad Jeff and family were here.  Braxton loved playing with Brooklyn in the snow and meeting baby Avery!
 Daddy laying down after a full Thanksgiving dinner
 Braxton opening his gift (a little early to help with finals) from Grandma Jules

Steenblik family Christmas party

14 weeks

Not HUGE yet but still feel like I'm showing....even if it's only me who thinks that.