April 20, 2012

Life lately....

 We went to Chuck E Cheese for date night a few weeks ago as it has been cold and Braxton needed some play time.  It was fun but we will for sure use coupons next time!
 Braxton is getting a little more independent and wanted to put in the coins himself.
 Trying out Mom's ear buds.
 Playing with mom
My sister and her two kiddos are here for about 3 months this summer. Here is the fun just beginning :)  Looking forward to a fun summer with them!

I am happy to say that we have all been feeling better and have been healthy lately....cross my fingers!  So glad for the wonderful blessings we have!  It is such a great blessing to be able to say that we are doing good!  We are almost done with the semester around here and are excited for some summer fun!

April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!!!

Easter morning and finding the basket.

The trail the Easter Bunny left to our baskets.

Opening more eggs

Easter egg hunt #1

The animals

Does he look tired? And this is at the first hunt!

New Noah and the Ark toy from Grandma Jane

Taking out his new toy

Checking out the fire truck :)

We had many fun activities going on for Easter. We weren't able to go to our church Easter egg hunt because Braxton was sick; however, this weekend we were feeling better and got to go to TWO egg hunt's. The first was a community fest. We got to see baby goats, baby sheep, a "teenager" cow, a donkey, a real life white rabbit, and some ducklings. We also got to color a picture and Braxton got to pick up five eggs. Within those five eggs were candy and three coupons for karate...needless to say we aren't really into karate so we won't be using them. I thought it was funny that when the egg hunt went into action they played the song "I want candy." How very appropriate! The second egg hunt was a little more exciting. Patrick was working the egg hunt at Lavell Edwards Stadium and so we went along. There was candy, candy, and did I mention candy?!! Cosmo and the Easter Bunny were both there to add to the fun. Braxton picked up enough candy (and a foam finger) on the sidelines that we didn't even have to let him loose on the field. Braxton didn't take long to figure out how to open the eggs to get the candy inside them; I turned around once to find him opening yet another egg and SHOVING all of the jelly beans that were in the egg into his little mouth before I could say no. We had a blast but sorely missed nap time later in the day!

On Easter morning we woke up to find that the Easter Bunny had indeed visited us with stamps, rubber animals, stickers, etc. and of course candy. We had a nice service at church and enjoyed a yummy ham for dinner! We hope you all had a wonderful celebration of our Savior and that you are all doing fabulous!

April 4, 2012

Uncle Jeff and Brooklyn come for a visit

Fell asleep on our walk

Playing on the piano


Trying to watch conference

Sharing chips out on Grandma and Grandpa's new deck

Coloring time

Playing out on the deck

Toy time

Helping Grandma put birdseed into her feeders...Braxton just wanted to try to eat it or throw it. Brooklyn was a little bit better of a helper :)

Braxton had a bunch of fun playing with Uncle Jeff and Brooklyn while they were here for a quick trip during conference weekend. Even though Jeff, Brooklyn, and myself got sick with the flu at the end we had a fun beginning and middle. So much for hoping we were done with being sick...here's hoping again I suppose :)

You can't tell me this little boy isn't spoiled...

Braxton's Easter Basket....