March 20, 2013

Surgery for Braxton

 The lion they gave him for his surgery

Braxton has had a stye under his left eye for the past 3 months.  Although these normally go away on their own Braxton's had developed tissue like. We had to take him to the surgical center to have him put under so that they could get to it.  The doctor told us that he has never seen one this size; it was triple the size of what he normally sees.  Braxton had to get one stitch because it was so big.  He was SO good waking up and was such a big boy! He also loved the fact that he got to come home to a movie and making cookies afterward.  So glad to have this done before baby brother comes! 

Long winter

This winter we have had a total of 4 or 5 colds and 1 stomach flu.  We are so glad that the weather is warming up a little bit!!  Because we have been so sick we haven't been able to visit Grandma and Papa as much as we would like to.  This past week Braxton and I went to visit them and Braxton was on cloud nine! I just love this picture of my parents and Braxton jumping and playing by them.  I also have to mention that I finished doing Papa's history this day!  If I could have been jumping around I would have.  So glad to have my parents close to visit!