September 5, 2011

Learning to walk!

Yay Braxters! We are SO excited that little Braxton is learning to walk! He usually takes about 6 steps and then falls down but is super close to taking off. He's had a few epic falls but is fine within a few minutes and laughing. We are so grateful that he is developing as he should and have so much fun watching him learn new things. It makes me think I should be learning a lot more everyday than I do now; we'll see how my attempt goes...

Play date with Jet

Around here we LOVE playdates! Our "neighbors" were nice enough to watch Braxton for us while we went to the temple so the next night we swapped and babysat their baby, Jet, and had a fun playdate. These pictures aren't that great but it was so fun to watch these two (who are only 2 months apart) play with each other :)