November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween!

 Braxton LOVED his mouse costume.  Can't tell you how many times he put it on and played in it before this.
 At our community Halloween party; this is the game Operation brought to life!
 They had an animal show and Braxton got to pet a hedgehog and a skunk
 Playing in his costume at home
Alice in Wonderland cakewalk.  He won his second time around.

We had a great Halloween celebration both at this fun community party and trick-or-treating on Main Street. We also had pumpkin pancakes and Halloween mac and cheese on the actual day.  We ended our Halloween by going to McDonald's.  I think Braxton is definantly starting to love this holiday. We love having Braxton to make it so much more fun! 

October 18, 2012

Look...we did it again!

Braxton is going to be a big brother as of April 30,2013.  I am twelve weeks and counting!  We are SO very excited to welcome another little one into our home!  The best part is that I will be done with school and be able to "just be a mom."  We are almost through morning sickness (although having the stomach flu this week on top of pregnancy has been....SO fun) and looking forward to feeling better as well as some kicks in the next trimester!  We will find out gender about the second week of December!  :)

Steenblik Cabin time

 Braxton playing with the first snow of the season
 We went on a walk and gathered leaves for a fall turkey project. It was beautiful and Braxton LOVED helping to pick the leaves!
Though Braxton had the stomach flu the first day and half we loved having him be so snuggly!  Here he is sitting with Papa Jay.

We had a great time up at the cabin (despite throw up) and enjoyed wonderful weather, snow, having a fireplace, good food, and of course sharing great company!  Thank goodness for a fall break from school so that I was able to go!  And with that I am happy to say that it is midterm of my (pretty much) LAST semester EVER!  :)

Braxton's First Pony/Llama Ride

 Braxton on the Llama (with help standing by)
 Horse tire swing
 The actual pony ride
Braxton eventually warmed up to this cute little pony

We had a fun time with our friends at Gardner Village this past week.  We had fun at the petting zoo, looking around, and eating fabulous food! 

A day at the park

A day at the park with doesn't get much better than this!

September 16, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Braxton!

Happy 2nd Birthday Braxton!  We so enjoy having this little man in our home!  He is a very obedient boy who loves to explore and climb.  Braxton is very good at doing puzzles and his newest obsession is legos.  Since we had a birthday party in Utah with my side of the family as well as a birthday celebration in Virginia with Patrick's side of the family we had a rather small one at home.  Braxton got a Mr. Potato Head, a book, and of course...legos!  Since we already had so many treats we bought Braxton and oversized Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and stuck two sparklers (leftover from 24th of July festivities) in it and called it good.  I think he liked it :)  We love you Braxton!

August 7, 2012


 We had a great time visiting family in Virginia!  There is so much to say that I think I will let the pictures tell most of what we did. Above is Braxton and his great grandparents house exploring the "beach."
 Patrick testing the waters

 No electronic devices for going out on the water...Braxton still found this really fun...however my legs did not.
 Splash pad
 The storm that rolled through.  It really looked amazing!  Patrick dragged me out (somewhat grudgingly) out of the house to see it and it was probably the coolest storm I've ever seen :) 
 Riding on the train with Grandma Jane

 At a children's museum with cousins Alicia and Eva

 Grandma Jules favorite....had to put it on here.

 Even though we took Braxton on a train ride which we thought Braxton would love he actually fell in love with this little puppy.  This is at a mall later that had one so he got to go again.  He LOVES them! I mostly enjoy looking at his little face while on it :) Priceless!

 Birthday party celebration (for Braxton's upcoming birthday) at Chuck-E-Cheese

 Sterling not letting me get a photo of him....
 David won the jackpot TWICE in a row! 
 Opening some of the birthday love
 At the park on a hot day

 National Zoo

Car ride home from the zoo.

Of course this trip wouldn't have been complete without a dog bite from one of the dogs.  It wasn't too bad and I was actually surprised that Braxton did so well with the dogs.  Even after he got a little nip he still LOVES them!  We had a great visit and had lots of fun!  Much thanks to the Dillon family for hosting us and for helping us with countless meals and laundry!  We miss you! 

Happy 24th of July!

 In Utah the 24th of July is a state holiday celebrating our pioneer heritage.  This just happened to be the last day that Robyn and family were in town.It was also our last day in town before leaving for Virginia.  Here we are watching some fireworks :)