May 12, 2017

Spring Happenings

 Braxton recently started swimming lessons for the first time ever
 Mom and Braxton ran a 2 mile race at Greer Elementary to raise money for the school library.  Braxton beat me by a good minute or two.  I was so proud of him for running almost the whole time and in rain too!

 Digging (as always) in the backyard
 Aurelia has learned how to climb and now must climb everything in site; her favorite is the dining table and our neighbors slide outside
 The boys got to sit in a real ambulance, have free food samples, meet real policemen and fire fighters, see the life flight plane, and enjoy a beautiful day
 It's finally warmed up so we can go on walks again to see the beautiful flowers
 We went to a petting zoo and Aurelia loved it!  She got to feed food to a peacock. Carston had fun pulling the pulleys to feed the goats as well.
 Napping because we get tired faster when we are outside so much

 Eating yummy food and of course making a mess of it
 Playing at the park with Daddy
Carston loves loves loves swim lessons and smiles the whole time!  Braxton enjoys his but his lips are blue by the end and he's always so cold (so thin!). 

Carston's 4th Birthday!

 Birthday balloons to fall on him when he got up in the morning.  He also had birthday cake pancakes for breakfast.
 Opening his GREEN swimming pool from Mom and Dad for the back patio.  Someone is highly obsessed with the color green right now. 
 Some swim goggles and some swim toys. 
 All he wanted was his green pool. 
 Trying my hand at using my frosting tips I got for Christmas.  It turned out pretty well for a first time.  Carston asked for a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, green mint filling, and green sprinkles on top.  Easy enough!

 Aurelia really loved this birthday cake. 
 Getting his present from Grandma Jules in the mail; he was so excited to open a package just for him!
Grandma Jules made Carston the softest green digger blanket ever!  I thought it might be hard to get him to throw away his old one (he has chewed the edges to shreds on two blankets since being born) as it's been his favorite for a long time; however, when he got this new green one from Grandma he promptly went and got his old one and threw it in the trash without looking back.  Thank you for the love and effort put into this blanket Grandma Jules!

This year we kept things simple and just tried to make Carston's birthday extra special for him from waking up to balloons and birthday pancakes, to opening presents, no chores, and just a lot of playing.  We had a few friends over for cake and ice cream that night.  He and Braxton are also going on a weekend getaway with Grandma Jane to Diggerland in New Jersey soon; that is a BIG gift and I am sure they will have a blast!

I am so very grateful for this sensitive, green loving, passionate (which can be both good and bad), thoughtful little boy! Though we are still working on trying to use words to communicate what is wrong or how we are feeling he can be very thoughtful and is always the first to say "thank you" to me.  He is full of energy and loves playing with Braxton.  He mimics him a lot.  He is still learning to be gentle with Aurelia but usually lets me know if she's headed somewhere bad (like the street!).  He loves her very fiercely and also loves to annoy her by ripping out her pacifier, pouncing on her and squishing her, etc.  He is learning to "do his list" in the mornings really well (make bed, get dressed, put pull up in trash, etc.). I can only imagine the changes we will see in him this next year.  We love you little Carster Bear!


The Easter Bunny was invited to our house on Saturday so as not to interrupt the true meaning of Easter on Sunday.  The boys got 3 Easter baskets this year.  One from our sweet neighbors, one on Saturday from the Easter Bunny, and one on Sunday at Grandma's house from the Easter Bunny.  Needless to say we were all spoiled with good food, yummy treats, and delicious company. We got to go to church with Grandma and Grandpa Dillon as well as see 3 of our 4 Dillon cousins.