October 23, 2011

Pumpkin "carving" night

Braxton drawing his sugar pumpkin

Braxton loves trying to draw! I have been trying to let him draw (with our help) more lately; otherwise it would obviously end up all over. He has already drawn with pen on our couches twice. I try to have a "pen check" before bed to make sure he can't get into any pens in the morning. Last year Braxton did not participate in Halloween very much. This year I wanted to include him in our pumpkin carving night a little bit so we gave him a marker and let him draw his pumpkin. I don't know if he drew more or just tried to eat the marker...either way happy (almost) Halloween!

Blue potatoes

My sister's mother-in-law was sweet enough to give us some of her garden goodies when we moved in. Here is a picture of her blue potatoes she gave us. They taste pretty much the same as a red potato. They were really yummy as hashbrowns :)

October 6, 2011

A funny...

I heard some squacking coming from the kitchen and went in to find Braxton had gotten out the upper part of the steamer and fallen into it.

Braxton's "New" Room

We survived our move and are still getting settled in but here is Braxton's room.

Preview of Halloween Costume....

We're going to be princess and the pea

Sunday at the park


Coming down the slide

I realized the other day that we didn't have any pictures of Braxton at the park. He is so cute playing and especially in the swing. Here are some great pictures with Daddy :)

Big Boy Jammies

Braxton has now graduated into the the "big boy" footsie pajamas. As the colder weather has hit here it is great not to have his little arms get cold at night.

Eating time

Here are some recent pictures of Braxton eating...yay! We finally put a computer chair mat under his kitchen chair; it was a good move!