July 7, 2011

It finally happened...

I knew this would someday be inevitable so when it happened I just had to laugh and take some photos.

I love his mischievous little face in this one

Fourth of July

Patrick tried to write I love Hillary in sparklers...here is the best attempt


Braxton, Patrick, and I had matching red for the Fourth

More sparklers

The "skunk monkey" we saw at the zoo

Braxton at the zoo

We went to the Nauvoo Cafe for lunch and then went to the zoo. We were already planning on going to the zoo but Patrick surprised me by taking me the the Nauvoo Cafe for lunch. It was a sweet repeat of our first date together. :)

July 1, 2011


This is a picture of Braxton and I the day before he got sick. Patrick has been gone so much lately that I think we are both going a little nuts without him here to play with. We have now all had the flu and are thankfully all feeling much better. I thought it only proper to post a picture of the two of us since we have been a couple lately. We even had date night together today.

The Aviary with Grandma Ju

Braxton enjoyed the Aviary with mom and Grandma Ju. He especially enjoyed watching the peacocks walking up close to him.