November 26, 2011

First visit to Santa

Playing with Santa's jingle bells

Apparently bored...but NOT crying or scared :)

Thanksgiving/Christmas Day!

The aftermath of dinner...

One of the cutest families I know :)

Eating pie

"Christmas" morning

Braxton loved the lights!!

We spent Thanksgiving in Virginia with the Dillon's and were excited that Jeff, Alicia, and Brooklyn could join us in the festivities. Since we don't get to see them very often we had a fabulous Thanksgiving and Christmas on the same day. We got very spoiled by them and can't wait for our next visit! :) Braxton especially loved playing with Brooklyn!

We are a family...

Grandma Jane and Braxton

Meeting Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Mauck

Chuck E. Cheese

Braxton had the time of his life at Chuck E. Cheese; this was his first time and he absolutely LOVED it! We loved it because we got to see about 1,000 huge smiles from Braxton. He had fun playing with cousins from both sides; Alicia, Eva, and Brooklyn. He was spoiled rotten by being with three cute girls.

Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go...

Playing with Grandma, (cousins)Alicia, and Eva

Trying to get the three kiddos to all look at the camera; this is the best we got

Braxton's favorite toy his whole time we were visiting was the workout step...go figure

Daddy's work pass

Braxton loves trying to put things over his head; this time he succeeded :)

November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

How come daddy got the cutest smile out of him?

Just leaving

Braxton with mommy's wand

As our ward did not have a Halloween party we opted to go trick-or-treating at the local businesses on center street. It was really fun to be able to take Braxton this year as last year he was too little. As you can (hopefully) tell in the pictures we were princess and the pea (inspiration by Colette). Patrick and I had a fun time and I think Braxton enjoyed himself as well. We also enjoyed hosting a small caramel apple party this month and going to a Harry Potter Halloween party at our neighbors. We have had a very fun month; Happy Halloween!