May 5, 2014

Patrick's Broken Arm/ Surgery

Patrick's broken arm has been an interesting ride so far. Patrick broke his arm benchpressing 250 at the gym (with no spotter).  A kind couple close by helped him get the weight off of his face and drove him and our car the 4 blocks home.  We went to the ER at about 5:45am....try finding someone who will answer their phone to babysit for you at that hour.  Luckily our neighbors were home and came right over. A week later we finally saw a doctor who gave us two options of treatment. After trying a brace for 10 days to fix his broken bone and having it fail there was no other option but surgery (this was 3 weeks after the initial break). He had his surgery and is now recovering.  It takes 3 months for his arm to be pretty good and 6 months to get it back to where it was initially.  We didn't have insurance with this and so there has been some financial strain; hopefully it will be added motivation for us to finish school earlier and get a better paying job :)

Throughout this whole ordeal we have been blessed with tender mercies:  a couple was at the gym to help lift the weight off his face and drive him home, our neighbors answered their phone at 5:30 in the morning to come watch our kids, the doctor we have been working with discounts for self pay patients, it was Patrick's left arm, we were able to have the surgery in time for him to heal enough before our upcoming trip, my sweet Aunt brought Patrick some beautiful flowers and a TON of food unexpectedly (we were sick with the stomach flu the day following surgery which was also Carston's first birthday),  a friend is bringing us dinner tomorrow night, and I have been able to have the energy to help Patrick along with added duties with taking care of the kids.

 I am sure there are many others that I have forgotten or haven't even noticed but a big THANK YOU to everyone who has helped!

Patrick is still very tired on his medication and trying to heal but functioning as well as he can. 

Happy 1st Birthday Carston!

Carston's first birthday was....epic.  Patrick had his arm surgery the day before, and Braxton and I woke up with the stomach flu.  Carston had had it earlier in the week (at his one year old pictures at JCPenney no less). Carston got a few books, a singing puppy dog toy, bath tub dye tablets, and a castle tent (thanks Grandma!). We were finally able to celebrate with some cake and ice cream today and it was great.  We love Carston and his smiles and laughter so very much!  So glad you joined our family!