January 4, 2014


Merry Christmas

  Steenblik family party; Braxton loved his "bell"

 Playing in the snow at Grandmas

 If only this enthusiasm would last; he was helping Grandma with her driveway
Our house is full of trains and boys....

First Snow

 Carston doesn't know what to think of it...
 Braxton wanting to go play in it

We love playing in the snow!  Of course this was followed up by hot chocolate for Braxton with marshmellows :)

First Bath

 This was about a week or so after their first bath.  Carston loves taking baths with his brother.
Very first bathtime together....who looks happier?

First Bath

Fall Joy

 Braxton playing in the last of the leaves before our big snow storm came
 My friend Catie (above) and Julie came to visit us; so glad to catch up with them! :)

I LOVE these pictures of Braxton even if the quality isn't the best on my phone.  When I look at his face in these it's just pure joy.  It makes me realize that the things that my kids love the most are free.  So very grateful for the beautiful outdoors and the joy it brings to me and my family.

Happy Thanksgiving

We officially stink at taking pictures on holidays.  This year all of our holiday pictures were taken with our phones as our camera has died. This year for Thanksgiving we were invited to my sister-in-laws parents home.  It was a little strange not making the full feast with my mom but in a way it was nice having to still cater to a little one. I made this delicious chocolate cake and a coconut cream pie instead.  We had a nice time visiting and of course eating.  The picture of Carston is at the end of the day.  I think we all felt this way.