October 31, 2013


 Pumpkin racing in the lazy river was so fun! I really thought someone was very creative and clever to think of this.
 Braxton's pumpkin came in first place :)
 The loot

 Preschool Halloween party

 At the rec center Halloween carnival
 Can you tell he was tired?
 Again with the tirednes...
 Carston dressed up as both Tigger and a monkey
 Our pumpkins
 Carving with Daddy
Digging in waterbeads for a glowstick in the pumpkin patch

 Braxton wanted me to take a picture of him
Pumkins all done

We went to a friend Halloween party where Braxton dressed as a monkey (Thanks Colette!) and a preschool party where he was a monster. We went trick-or-treating at Patrick's work as well as the rec center and our church trunk-or-treat.  After we came home from trick-or-treating at Patrick's work Braxton sat down at the table and this is what happened...

Braxton: Mom I'm hungry
Mom: Okay, would you like some dinner?
Braxton: I'm not hungry for dinner I'm hungry for treats.

This made me laugh.  I love all of the funny and/or cute things that Braxton says on a daily basis.  I'm working on writing them down more often when he says them because this phase will pass all to quickly.  We had a wonderful Halloween and hope you did too! :)

BYU Duck Pond

They renovated this duck pond about a year ago and have added a beautiful walking trail with about 7 waterfalls and a little man-made river running through.  We have also seen turtles, deer, squirells, and other little wildlife while walking on this trail.  Carston seems to actually watch the ducks.  They will come right up to his car seat and nip at him if I'm not careful. Braxton loves running on the grass and trying to chase the ducks; doesn't every little boy love chasing ducks?

To Grandma's house we go...

 Braxton picking up apples in the backyard; this used to be one of my least favorite jobs growing up but he loves it...for now.

Grandma got to hold Carston while sleeping.  This is a VERY rare occurance :)

October 3, 2013


 Patrick is still working hard on his dissertation
 Carston is rolling over and trying to crawl (to no avail).
 Brothers playing and being nice to each other
Carston has also enjoyed a new toy; his jumperoo

First Taste

I think the picture says it all.....his first taste was of banana.

Travis and Ashlee come for a visit!

Travis and cousin Ashlee came for a very quick visit to Utah for Ashlee's birthday and the BYU vs Uof U football game.  I absolutely love this girl! She came and kept both Braxton and Carston entertained for a few hours.  It was so great to have her come play! She has grown so much and I loved getting to her right before her baptism into our church. We also enjoyed catching up with Travis and eating some yummy pumpkin bread that they brought us :)  Thanks for the visit!

First Trip to Lambs Canyon

We took a little trip up to the cabin in Lambs Canyon. Carston loved sitting outside with Papa Jay and being able to check out some new space.  Braxton enjoyed the singing fish on the wall and of course playing outside and digging in the dirt.  We did some delicious dutch oven for dinner (thanks Mom!) and had a wonderful day with Grandma and Grandpa.

Braxton's First Day of Preschool

So I wasn't the mom that was crying (yet) on the first day of preschool.  I was actually very excited to have 3 hours a week with one child instead of two; it might be different when he is gone ALL day at school.  For now I am greatly enjoying my time to myself.  I have gotten a lot of little projects done and hope to do more.  I will also get to have the 7 boys at my house in just about 2 weeks for those three hours.  I have to pay my dues.  Braxton is loving preschool; he is doing much better now than the first few weeks. I can't believe how grown up he is! He is into everything, curious about everything, and talking a lot more.  We love this boy!