February 18, 2017

Happy 1st Birthday Aurelia!

Happy 1st birthday to our baby girl!  I can't believe that one whole year has already gone by! Each day at the beginning goes so slowly and then keeps going faster and faster.  Aurelia has been such a good baby!  Besides being fussy when she had RSV and an ear infection at 6 weeks she has seriously been so amazing.  She has such a calming presence and is so chill which is amazing with Braxton and Carston always being full of energy and craziness (which I also love).

  She is always ready with a sweet baby smile and a snuggle. Braxton and Carston were never that snuggly so I extra enjoy this. She was walking at 10 months and is a FAST walker.  When that girl wants to get somewhere she does.  She loves being outside, playing with whatever her brothers are playing with, pulling bows off of her head, playing with other friends, and not being strapped down.  She wasn't a huge fan of her cake (that I worked for quite some time on) but ate a little.  She has 6 teeth and is still waking up once a night....sleep training is forthcoming.  She babbles all the time and Carston asked,  "Why Aurelia talk so much?".  She likes climbing and is learning how to safely get down from things right now.  She is already pulling chairs over to things to get into them. We are in the process of weaning her.  I took way too many pictures of her but I seriously can't get enough! I always want to remember the swirl of her soft baby hair, her tiny tip-toes reaching for things, her smile, and the beauty and wonder she sees in everything around her. We are so grateful for the joy this girl has brought to our family and I am also grateful to not be so outnumbered and have someone to share girly things with.  Happy birthday baby girl!!!!!!!!!

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