December 15, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Dillon Family Review 2016
January- We were getting so excited for a baby girl to join our family.  Hillary's mom flew out from Utah this month to help.  While she was here we got to celebrate Hillary's birthday, go to Michie Tavern, go out to a few restaurants, walk around the mall a few times (trying to bring on labor), watch movies together, go to the children's museum, etc.  We had our only big snow storm this month and had so much fun playing in it; the boys especially loved making a snow fort with Daddy.

February- It seemed like baby girl was NEVER going to arrive.  We finally made the decision to do an induction after a week and one day of being overdue so that Hillary could have her mom here to help; luckily for us Julie extended her stay for an extra week J  We were so grateful to have her cook, clean, entertain the boys, and help with so many other things.  Aurelia Ann Dillon finally made her debut on February 9th at 7:22pm.  She was 8lbs 9oz and 21inches long.  It was a hard delivery but we are so glad she is finally here!

March- This month was a rough month at our household.  Hillary got an ear infection that half ruptured and was a long recovery.  Carston ended up with an ear infection.  Aurelia followed by not only getting an ear infection but a high fever and RSV as well.  Then Braxton wanted to join the fun and had an ear infection too.  Things were pretty crazy and we couldn't have gotten through this without many meals brought from friends and a lot of help babysitting.  So grateful for prayer, family, friends, and neighbors!

April- We are finally through the worst (we hope!) of illnesses for a little while.  We finally ventured out of the house a little more with baby.  We enjoyed celebrating the resurrection of our Savior with Easter at home (and we even dyed eggs which was a big feat for us!). 

May- Patrick gave Aurelia a beautiful baby blessing in church; it was so special to have my Mom make Aurelia's blessing dress as well as for her to wear booties that her great-great grandmother made (and that I was blessed in).  In the same weekend we had Carston's third birthday party at home. Carston enjoyed a chocolate train cake, presents, and having family come visit us.  Carston is very spirited and also very shy at the same time.  He mostly enjoys trains, diggers, playing in the backyard, and is learning to love his little sister.  His favorite phrase he says all the time is, "baby so tiny."

June- We loved soaking up some sun while  visiting, parks, pools, and splash pads this month with different friends.  We love having some warmer weather to play outside more. 

July- Patrick went to West Virginia this month to help with the flooding there.  Hillary got to learn more about the refugees in Charlottesville as well as volunteer at our IRC store a little bit.  Braxton got to take a few swim lessons this month as well as have Kindergarten camp for a few days.  I think he enjoyed Kindergarten camp more than the swim lessons. 

August- Braxton turned six with a delicious Lego cake and birthday party at a park, broke his arm, and started Kindergarten (how are we old enough to have a child in elementary school?!) three days after his broken arm. Carston and Braxton were playing in our backyard where there is a  green electrical stump.  After I told Braxton not to be climbing and to get down he put both feet on top ready to jump down except little brother pushed him off first.  He fell just right and broke his left arm.  He got a dark blue cast and was bummed he couldn't go on the playground with his new friends at school.  

September- We are still getting in the swing of school with Braxton and juggling things. Braxton loves riding the bus to school, his teachers, and his classroom. Carston is still getting used to not having someone older around to tell him what to play as well as adjusting to new preschool friends.

October-We had a fireman (complete with working headlights) and a very handsome construction worker in our house for Halloween this year.  Grandma Jane was kind enough to make their cute little costumes; Carston even won cutest costume.  We had a lot of fun trick-or-treating at church, at school, and in our neighborhood. 

November-  Hillary, Carston, and Aurelia got to visit family and friends in Utah this month.  We had so much fun going to the zoo, seeing (and meeting for the first time) so many family members, visiting with friends, going to the train store, and having Grandpa take us to Chuck-a-Rama.  Braxton enjoyed visiting with Grandma Jane, going to the Lego store, and having some Daddy time while the rest of us were gone. So grateful that (most of us) could go for a visit! We miss being there already! We also had Thanksgiving at our home this year for the first time.  The turkey turned out really well but we have agreed that turkey and bacon aren't the best mix.

December- Patrick went to Haiti for a few days as a volunteer for an area hit hard by this past hurricane.  The area he is going to is where he spent 6 months of his LDS mission so he is loving this opportunity to serve. Aurelia is taking tiny steps all by herself and growing so quickly! She is such a happy girl and a sweet and calming addition to our family.

We love the Christmas season and celebrating our Saviors birth!  We also love doing advents and have about eight going on right now. We are so grateful for the many family members and friends who have helped us over this past year!!  We have been greatly blessed!  Merry Christmas and happy new year to you and yours!
Love to you all! 
~Patrick, Hillary, Braxton (6), Carston (3), and Aurelia (10 months)

P.S.  Hillary is making a renewed effort this coming year on our family blog so please follow us there as we hope to post more frequently to keep everyone updated.  

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